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M Signature Weddings

Setting an atmosphere for a unity before God is not to be taken lightly. It is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Every facet of your day deserves to be expressed and displayed in a way that brings glory to God and is memorable for all. Monarch specializes in orchestrating and designing these types of weddings and events. From start to finish, we listen attentively to the beat of your heart and the inspiration that you have been given from above to make your day truly special.

Signature Wedding Series

Whether your wedding style is simple & elegant, or you have dreams of platinum grandeur, our Wedding Specialists will work closely with you to ensure that every facet of your vision is captured. From breathtaking venues and planning, to elaborate floral design and everything in between, you’ll find that Monarch Event Firm is the answer to all of your prayers. All of our weddings are designed to meet the needs and budget of the most discerning clientele, and can be customized into all-inclusive wedding packages, partial wedding packages, or individual wedding services.

Stunning All-Inclusive Venue Packages
Wedding Planning & Coordination
Catering & Cakes
Full Design Services & All-Inclusive Design Packages
Elaborate Fresh & Natural Silk Floral Design Centerpieces & Bridal Flowers

Exquisite Linen, Event Décor
Luxury Upscale Accessories
Photography & Videography
Music & Entertainment
Invitations, Graphics & Favors
Transportation & Guest Accommodation